How to get a project to show up in dependency graph?

The Dependency graph for one of my Java projects looks like this:, if you scroll all the way to the bottom you can see that the “formats”-module depends on the “metal-core”-module, but unfortunately that dependency is not a link to the repo? How can I fix this?

As far as I can see the Maven files look good, and Github did succeed in extracting the dependency, just not the link (which is the URL in the pom.xml…)

Thanks for reaching out!

I took a look at your pom.xml for the module you’re talking about. I’m not very experienced with Maven but I suspect I have an idea what the problem is.

If you look at the two dependencies listed in that pom.xml file, one is linked and the other isn’t. The one that is linked is a top-level GitHub repository The one that isn’t linked is not a top-level GitHub repository. There is no, only Since the feature is designed to link back to the GitHub repository associated with a dependency, it isn’t linking it because, technically, there isn’t one for that dependency.

As the feature is currently implemented, I don’t believe there is a way to fix it without extracting metal-core out into its own repository.

I hope that helps!

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Thanks for the response. Seems like a fair explanation for what we see indeed!

This makes me wonder whether I could fix it by giving the submodules their own URL-property in their pom.xml with a deeplink to their directory in the repository, so for metal-core it would point to But I will try this myself with a next release and see what happens.

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Hi @jvdb,

I’m currently wondering how to set up a link from one of my repositories to another. As you said in your first post the dependency is picked up, but it’s not clickable/ linked.

Have you got your configuration working by now? And if so, what did you change?

Thank You.