How to get a new repository with the same source of files but the different name than original ?

How to add. files to github with new name?
For ex. 
I have project on Desktop and on Github and i want to work on the same project with the different  names on Desktop and Github but sources are the same as original. 
I just don’t want to touch original  Desktop or Github. 
I copy project  in Desktop given it the new name and push to Github give the different repository name… But I still get the old repository name when use git remote -v.
Is it  possible to push to Github the project if the original files are the same but the name is different  and if so, how to do so?

Hi @tatyana12,

Thank you for being here! You can replace the remote URL by using the command:

git remote set-url origin **repo-url**

I hope this helps!