How to find the GitHub feedback/bug reporting page

Hello, I think I’ve found a Github notification selection bug, but I’m not sure if this is the correct place to report it?

It used to be possible to report bugs by clicking on the “Contact GitHub” link at the bottom of most GitHub pages.

But now it leads to a page that says: “Hello @duianto, what can we help with?”
There’s a search box below that title, but I’m not able to find any results that relate to “notification selection”.

At the bottom of the page it says:
“Can’t find what you’re looking for?”
With a button: “Contact us”

When it’s clicked, then the page title says: “How can we help?”
And there are nine buttons:

  • Account or billing issues
  • Copyright, trademark, or sensitive data removal
  • Report abuse or spam
  • Remove data from a repository I own or control
  • Attach, detach, or reroute forks
  • Request security history or audit logs
  • Help with a Pages domain or HTTPS certificate
  • Restore deleted data
  • GitHub Education program or benefits

None of them seem to be related to reporting GitHub and/or notification bugs.

Below the buttons it says: “Other questions about Git or GitHub?”
With a button: “Connect with experts on the Community Forum”
That leads to this page.

I didn’t see any category for reporting bugs.

When I searched for: “report bug”
then I found this page: “How to report a bug for github website?”

Where it’s suggested:

If you’re asking where is the proper place to report a bug or issue, you can describe the bug in a new topic in the How to use Git and GitHub board

The text “How to use Git and GitHub board” links to:

(I made the links into inline code blocks, because new discourse users seem to be limited to 2 links per post.

But clicking on that link leads to a page that says:
“Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

While writing this, I checked the “How to use Git and GitHub” section, and saw this topic:
“Where do I post feature requests for Github ?”

With the answer:

You can now submit feature requests directly to GIthub using our special customer feedback form

It links to the page:

:tada: That’s the page I was looking for.

Now I’m also able to find it by searching for: “feedback”
on the GitHub support page:

But it would be easier to find it, if it was added as a tenth button to the page:

I’ll report the notification selection bug on that feedback page.

Someone else might find this post helpful for finding the GitHub feedback/bug reporting page.


I also think this should be more clear. I ended up posting the bug here first but I haven’t gotten an answer yet after 4 days, so maybe I’ll try using this feedback form instead.