How to find help in here?

I am NOT a developer. I am looking for help on a specific language and a specific library. What would be the best way to find the right person?

If you know the name of the library the easiest way I can think of is trying to find the project page on GH, then opening an “issue” there. Because everyone who reads the issues on that specific project page probably knows a lot about the library, you are likely to get an answer there.

If you don’t want to or can’t (for example - because the library isn’t on GH) you can always ask your question here, on this board. However, if it is not a popular library it might be hard to get an answer here.

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Thank you. The library is in here and is LIBTORRENT. I don’t really have an issue but I need someone that can help me to proceed as my last freelance quit because had another job and also had some problems in proceding further. I know GitHub is not a place to find human resources for paid job… but I need to start somewhere. Popular sites like or upwork gave me no solution. Thanks again.