How to find a repo for a URL?

Specifically there is a typo in An introduction to innersource | GitHub Resources
I wanted to fix it or tell someone about it.

More general. Any way to track down a repo from a URL, assuming it is accessible? was easy because they link to the user, but resources doesn’t.

Hi @scGetStuff,

I’m afraid the resources project is not open-source so can’t be edited by the public. In general the only way to identify a repository for a page on the web is if the page itself gives an indication, an “Edit me on GitHub” link for example. Sometimes you can work it out by the URL, such as with default GitHub Pages sites.

What’s the typo? I’d be happy to raise the PR for you.

Search for URL.
“Because each conversation its own URL and …”
Looks like maybe the word “has” is missing.

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I agree! I’ve opened a PR.

Thanks so much for taking the time to help us maintain our resources to a high standard. It’s very much appreciated.

Billy :cowboy_hat_face: