How to find a PR I was requested to review

After I looked over the list in GitHub notifications I selected all and clicked the “Done” button.
In this moment I saw that there was a 1 besides the Review requested category, but it was too late. 1 sec later it was gone.

Now I have no idea how to find the PR I was supposed to review.

I looked through a few repositories I’m involved in, but none listed any PR where my review was requested.

If I select “All” (instead of “Unread”) in Notifications the read review request is not shown.

I couldn’t find any other way to find that PR.

These searches

also only show 2 very old PRs that are already merged.

Any ideas?

Welcome to the community @zoechi! Would you try adding the all and review-requested qualifier to your search? For example:

is: all is:pr review-requested:AndreaGriffiths11 

Shows me all the PR’s regardless of state, on which I’ve been requested a review.

I hope this helps!

Also, in notifications, you can do

is:done is:pr review-requested:[Your username here]

@Jme in notifications I get

Sorry, we don’t support the review-requested:zoechi filter yet. Learn more about filters.

Thanks for the suggestions.
I still don’t get any result.
I’ll try again when I know for sure there is an open PR where my review is requested.

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