How to filter a user's repositories by language?


Since last few months, I don’t see the language filter options for any user’s repo. Please refer to the attached screenshot below. It shows only the ‘All’ option. When I am not logged in to Github, I can see all of the languages to filter by in this dropdown but options disappear after I log in. I checked in multiple systems, browser too. I don’t remember changing any settings recently. Please help me in finding what is causing this.

Thank you.

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@sajan45 - Thanks for reporting this! The Language dropdown should be present when viewing a user profile’s Repositories tab, whether you’re logged in or not.

I checked on our end and there’s not been any reports like this in the last month. If you’re still experiencing this behavior, could you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing when you’re logged in and viewing a user or organization account profile’s Repositories? Also, sharing the specific URL would help us investigate further!

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@francisfuzz - Thank you for looking into this, my apologies for the late response. I still can’t any other options in the Language dropdown, not even when I am not logged in. Previously I think I was able to see options when not logged in. I checked all pages again, previously I did not check my own profile page and organization’s page. Language dropdown shows  all options for my own profile and organization’s page, but it does not show options for any other user irrespective of the fact whether I follow them or not. I am attaching screenshots I took today. You can see that only 3 screenshots have options in language dropdown, i.e 2 organization’s page, and my own profile page. I tried in both Firefox and Chrome, in incognito mode too, to be sure no other thing like extensions is causing this. And one last thing, I can’t see language options of my own profile too when  not logged in , I can see options in my own profile only when I am logged In.

Thank you.



this is still broken. in the language list only All is available. whether one is logged in or not makes no difference.

@sajan45 & @requiredregistration - Thanks for following up! I checked this on both user profiles and organization profiles and can confirm that not all languages are listed.

On my end, I will report this to our engineering team. However, I can’t promise a timeline for when it will be reviewed, prioritized, and addressed.

In the meantime, it may be worth checking out our GraphQL API and using our GraphQL Explorer to run a query that fetches a collection of a user’s repositories’ languages:

  user(login: "francisfuzz") {
    repositories(first: 100, orderBy: {field: PUSHED_AT, direction: DESC}) {
      nodes {
        primaryLanguage {

@sajan45 & @requiredregistration Good news! our team just shipped an update that ensures all languages are shown for all user profiles. Could I confirm with both of you that you’re no longer seeing the previously reported behavior?

For example, substack's repositories tab’s language dropdown shows all recognized languages for their repository:

thank you @francisfuzz. i just checked and it has been fixed.