How to export the assets in create-react-library

i’m learning about create-react-library ( cause i need to create a library to use in a old project.

I can export the UI components and styles easily, the logic too, but i cant do this with the assets paste. I have a lot of svgs and i need to use them in my project.

A example:
This is a Search Loader component (still in the main src)

import React from 'react';

import searchImage from '../../assets/searchImage.png'

import { Container, Image } from './styles';

function SearchLoader({}) {
  return <Container>
    <Image src={searchImage} {} />

export default SearchLoader;

I need this SVG when I import this component from my library to put it in my code.
Now when i do this, just apears a empty IMG symbol.
How can i do that?