How to enforce private pages for private repos, but allow public ones too, in GH Enterprise

Hi all, and sorry if I haven’t found this in the docs or previous posts.

Is there a way in GitHub Enterprise to ensure/restrict private repositories to have private GitHub Pages, while still allowing public repos to have public Pages?

I can easily either set all Pages to be private, but if I select both public and private on the Enterprise settings, then all members seem to have the option to publish both public and private Pages on any of the Enterprise’s repositories.


Hello @dayalstrub-cma,

No unfortunately this is not a feature that exists today. The public/private flag is controlling the whole appliance and as such apply to all Pages sites instead of select ones.

Thanks @yoannchaudet

I was hoping to get the best of both worlds, but still have in place some security without having to restrict to who can create a new repo within the Enterprise, and therefore be repo admin. Probably an edge use case.