How to enable trusted platform modules on 'ubuntu-latest'

I have the following setup on GitHub actions

    # This follows instructions at
    - name: Install Linux TPM 2.0 module (tpm2-abrmd)
      if: ${{ matrix.os == 'ubuntu-latest' }}
      run: |
        sudo apt-get update
        sudo apt-get install tpm2-abrmd
        sudo apt-get install libtss2-tcti-tabrmd-dev

It seem to succeed. Following that there’s a next step of checking it:

- name: Check Linux TPM 2.0 module functionality
      if: ${{ matrix.os == 'ubuntu-latest' }}
      run: |
        sudo service tpm2-abrmd start
        sudo tpm2-abrmd --allow-root --tcti=mssim --logger=stdout

which fails with

WARNING:tcti:src/util/io.c:251:socket_connect() Failed to connect to host, port 2321: errno 111: Connection refused 
WARNING:tcti:src/tss2-tcti/tctildr.c:62:tcti_from_init() TCTI init for function 0x7efe0a5f73d0 failed with a000a 
WARNING:tcti:src/tss2-tcti/tctildr.c:92:tcti_from_info() Could not initialize TCTI named: tcti-socket 
ERROR:tcti:src/tss2-tcti/tctildr-dl.c:150:tcti_from_file() Could not initialize TCTI file: mssim 
ERROR:tcti:src/tss2-tcti/tctildr.c:418:Tss2_TctiLdr_Initialize_Ex() Failed to instantiate TCTI 

This tries to open a simulator and I’m not sure if it should be possible to open a localhost port like that on ‘ubuntu-latest’ (I’m n00b on Linux) in GitHub Actions. The actual run is located at Update main.yml · veikkoeeva/DotDecentralized@58ab182 · GitHub.

Would someone know to tell, if it possible to set up TPM (hardware or software) on ‘ubuntu-latest’ or is it definitely not possible?

Maybe on part of the solution is to use other containers, like at GitHub - tpm2-software/tpm2-software-container: Container building stuff, and use them.

This is related to my other question regarding TPM on Windows.