How to enable https support on personal domains

I have a registered domain -
I want to connect https to the site.
I created 4 A records, and one CNAME record, but https doesn’t want to show up, the “Enforce HTTPS” button on GitHubPages is disabled.

Also in my repository, I created a CNAME record and register the path to the site, here is my repository “/pavlovsun/”


My repository GitHub - pavlovsun/ Полноценный сайт для бизнеса.

I just checked it now,

it’s already working, right? It will just take a few minutes,

or any other problem?

Try to log in now,
I want to connect https to the site, but I can’t, the button in GitHub Pages - “Enforce HTTPS” is not active.
My problem may be due to the fact that my domain is .ru?

what seems to be the problem? your site is being hosted in HTTPS


This link to the hosting of my site, of course, the hosting will be on the https protocol.
I bought a domain name from this hosting, and connected this name ‘’ to GitHub Pages, but if you go to this site, the site itself will have http.
I can not configure the site itself to http protocol, here is a link to the site itself

When you visit my site, this window appears. (img)

Naturally, it appears due to the fact that I cannot make https on GitHub, the error was described above, the “Enforce HTTPS” window is simply not active, although I made all the entries correctly (as indicated above in the screenshot).
And I have a question, what could be the error, why https is not configured on GitHub.

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The CNAME record is wrong, it points at itself. It should point at, as described in the documentation:

The CNAME record should always point to <user> or <organization>, excluding the repository name.

SSL need to be bought, or can set it up on github?

thanks, fixed it, both on the hosting and on the github, now all the entries are correct?

Maybe. From DNS knowledge having both CNAME and A records for one domain doesn’t make sense, and the Configuring an apex domain section of the documentation talks only about A and AAAA records. Personally I’d remove the CNAME record completely (and your DNS provider doesn’t seem to send it anyway). Either way give it some time for GitHub’s DNS caches to update.

I did it as shown in the video, after 24 hours I will write whether it worked or not.