How to enable https support on custom domains

I have the same issue, but those IP addresses aren’t linked to Github? Some company named Fastly. 

These are the IP addresses I have

FWIW, what worked for me was:

  1. In github’s settings for my repo, I added “www.” to the start of the Custom Domain field (I had omitted it previously, trying to use the apex domain)
  2. I went to my domain registrar and refreshed its DNS settings, without actually changing them (not sure this mattered at all)
  3. I waited 10 minutes and reloaded github’s settings for my repo; then the “Enforce HTTPS” option became selectable, and I checked it yes

That worked!


Thank you @benjiwheeler! Step 1 fixed it all for me – just added www. github issued a new certificate and then it was a matter of just refreshing the page and ticking enforce HTTPS.

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Worked like a charm.
First I followed this article

And then did what you said, and it worked :cat:‍:motorcycle::cat:‍:motorcycle:

I am still getting “Unavailable for your site because your domain is not properly configured to support HTTPS”.

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I have face the same problem but i have fixed this must add record like this convert it with your

Hi Team i’m a new one in github and i created a website here it’s my first time and when i wanted to put a custom domain even i did some configuration in my dns i put the 4 IP Address with the CNAM but nothing worked could you help me.
Team i still have this problem even if i configured my dns i put the the four IP ADDRESS and i put a CNAM but nothing works.

PS : u will find bellow the problem that i’m facing is improperly configured
Domain does not resolve to the GitHub Pages server. For more information, see Learn more (NotServedByPagesError). We recommend you add an A record pointed to our IP addresses, or an ALIAS record pointing to

Hi @Scalairee, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! From the looks of these results it seems like you’ve possibly got domain parking enabled. This is a settings with your domain registrar or DNS provider that will show a page provided by them when you visit your domain. You’ll need to turn this off in your domain’s settings. If you’re having trouble finding this setting then I’d recommend contacting your domain provider’s support team.

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I’m also seeing similar behavior while trying all of the solutions laid out above.

My site had been available via HTTPS and the www=>apex redirect was working without issue for over a year. It seems like the certificate expired at some point and/or something changed on the GH DNS side of things – my DNS settings have not changed. I tried resetting everything within the GH Pages UI (including adding and then removing the www subdomain per the suggestion in the GH docs) and 24+ hours later, the redirect is working but the cert is not.

Just wait 24h and reset it.