How to enable GitHub Discussions on my organization repositories

I have recently created an organization (EQDiet) and I would like to enable the Discussions option, since it can help us to solve questions about our products. How can I activate this feature?

Thanks for your help!

I’m not aware of a similar option being available for accounts (users or organizations, likewise). What you can do is open a dedicated repository, adding a document presenting the discussion project, its rules, etc., and then using the repository Issues for discussions — and of course, the Dashboard, milestones, labels and the Wiki are powerful additional tools to organize the topics being discussed, plus the fact that you can cross-reference any GitHub repository’s Issues, commits and PRs from every Issue and/or commit via Autolinked references and URLs.

This is what many organizations do on GitHub, using either a single repository for all discussions, or individual repositories for specific topics (e.g. features requests, bug reports, etc.).