How to embed github files on wordpress? no gists

How can I easily embed code via GitHub on my wordpress page without copy and past git gist? Full git files of one repo I want to publish. No snippet.

Is this possible?

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I just sent a request for Github to support OEmbed as it would make it a lot easier to embed Gists directly into WordPress. Now that Gutenberg is out Embedding a Gist could be as simple as just pasting in the Gist URL and having it automatically show up.

See also this Gutenberg issue:

WordPress is a very large CMS having a simple way to show gists in the new Core Editor called Gutenberg would be very helpful for various users and will likely also help promote the use of Github gists.

How is the progress of this feature coming along?

Using a browser, navigate to the “raw” version of a source file in your repository. The resulting URL is one you can use anywhere.

It’ll be something like:<user>/<repo>/master/<folder>/<folder>/<sourcefile>