How to embed a GitHub sponsors button in readme?

Currently the provided ways all use iframe:

If I want to embed the button to my file, is there any recommended way to do it? I know I can add links on the right side, but yet I still want to include it in the readme if possible.


Add sponsor buttons to all of your projects.
How do I display my GitHub Sponsors profile on a project?

1.Add FUNDING. yml file to your repository.
2. Enable Sponsorships on the Settings page.
3. Visit your repository where you enabled the Sponsor button. The button is now displayed for future sponsors

Like mentioned, I’m aware of this way, and I’ve done it already.

But that’s not what I’m asking here.

You could just do something like:

[:heart: Sponsor](

:heart: Sponsor

If you want it outlined you could put it in a single cell table.

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Thanks! I go with that for now.