How to edit files if they are linked from other repos?

I forked repo and wanna edit something, but this fork has links on other repositories and they can be loaded by ‘make sync’ command or ‘repo sync’. Usually I use Jenkins to build project from my github, how can I edit files from remote repos (which should be loaded) and use them in my build, cause my repo has only shells and makes files

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Hi @ilyamordasov,

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I’m afraid I’m a bit unclear as to just what you’re asking. To help, can you provide some more details? If the repo you’re talking about is public, can you share a link to it so we can look a little closer?

Hi @nadiajoyce,

thanks for your reply, my problem is I don’t know how to edit files in forked repository which is built by Jenkins.

My repo is, as you can see it’s forked from other repository.

If you open Jenkinsfile, you will find stage where it’s cloning some files from other resources. This stage is called ‘Sources’. 

So, I decided to change two files in directory u-boot/arch/arm/dts (I already commited them into my repo), but when I start my jenkins build it will clone my repo, but after that will sync all repositories, and one of them will replace my two files. The question is how I can use my edited files instead of synced?

I see not trivial way to pull my repo again after syncing, but is there other way?

The other problem, using make sync I don’t know what are files would be cloned (I just notice that I use Jenkins build system)

Hi @ilyamordasov,

So, this doesn’t appear to be a Git or GitHub problem, really, more of a problem with the tools that you’re using, specifically Jenkins and the repo tool. I’m not familiar with how they work, but I’ll take a stab at this before moving it to the Project Development Help board where this question will be more appropriate.

It appears from that on line 46 is where the sync you’re concerned with is happening. Could you change line 45 in your fork repo to point to your fork repo instead of the upstream one?