How to draw attention for active forks functionality?


I my opinion, the functionality to see which fork is “further” than the original repository is VERY useful.

This can be done - to a certain extent - via GitHub - techgaun/active-forks: Find active github forks of a repo .

Unfortunately, there are some limits. E.g.:

What are the possibilities to address an improvement on GitHub itself?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @haimivan :wave:

Thanks so much for your post and for your interest in seeing GitHub improve!

As you rightly called out, there isn’t a built in feature to compare forks as that Js script does. To address your question:

What are the possibilities to address an improvement on GitHub itself?

We would highly suggest submitting your request through this feedback form:

…which is found on our FAQ page.

Once you submit your feedback, this gets sent directly to our Product Manager teams for review.

While there’s no guarantee that something like this would make headway and be shipped as official functionality in the near term, we do have our public roadmap:

…which is very helpful in looking to the future of what we’re openly working on.

Thank you again for your post!

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Any update on this? @haimivan @nethgato


So many repositories get abandoned, even popular stuff and it’s a pain to sort through dozens if not hundreds of forks to find something that works or is maintained.

Found a tool solving this issue: Active GitHub Forks » Łukasz Nojek - blog
(requires authentication with a GH token - GH could remove this limitation btw)