How to download Azure Lab course files

I am MCT and new in Azure. I have read the AZ-103 Trainer´s prep guide and points to GitHub for the Labs. I have visited it but I do not see how to download de . json files needed for the course. Can you help me please?

Hi @franlusan! There are a few ways to get the content of a file from GitHub into your local environment.

One way is to clone. When you clone a repository, you get everything in a repository - all of the files, all of the history. You can learn how to do this in GitHub’s Help Docs.

If you want only the one file, you can also use the raw view. While you’re viewing the file, you should see a button that says “Raw”. Once you click that, then you can see just the raw content of the file. From there, you can select all of the content and copy it. Then, you can paste that into a blank document in your local environment.

Let me know if you still have more questions, and good luck!



Thank you for your support. It worked!!