How to display modal pop up after external web page reply?


I have the form tag defined as:

 <form id=“register” class=“needs-validation” novalidate action=“Authorization.apx” method=“post” >

I would like to redirect the application to another Authorization.apx for backend processing after form validation is done.  

I used below a sample script from Bootstrap 4 for form submission. 

How can I modify below script to display a modal pop up section once the Authorization.aspx is complete successfully?  

// Example starter JavaScript for disabling form submissions if there are invalid fields
(function () {
‘use strict’;
window.addEventListener(‘load’, function () {
// Fetch all the forms we want to apply custom Bootstrap validation styles to
var forms = document.getElementsByClassName(‘needs-validation’);
// Loop over them and prevent submission
var validation =, function (form) {
form.addEventListener(‘submit’, function (event) {
if (form.checkValidity() === false) {
}, false);
}, false);


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