How to disable GitHub Desktop auto update

My GitHub Desktop app auto-updated to 3.0.1 today and broke. I was able to revert to the previous 3.0.0 and it works. Is there a way to disable this auto-update so I can continue working?

@pvalsamis are you using an older version of macOS, like 10.13 High Sierra? We’re working on a build to fix this Github Client 3.0.1 Not Opening · Issue #14712 · desktop/desktop · GitHub.

Yes, 10.13. I’ll keep an eye on that issue. Thanks.

also having this issue, and do not have a backup of previous version. Is that on the website to redownload? macos 10.12.6.

would be great if updates stated any requirements they have such as newest os etc.

You can download the beta with the fix from GitHub Desktop usage reporting | GitHub Desktop.