How to disable a conflicting github keyboard shortcut?

Ever since github added the keyboard shortcut for command-e, I have constantly been tripped up because it overrides a macOS system-wide shortcut used to copy selected text to every app’s search box (without affecting the clipboard). I constantly use that macOS shortcut (in every app, let alone) during code reviews (combined with command-g) to search a page for other occurrences of text I’m looking at.

Now during code reviews, when I hit command-e, it adds a suggestion template to a comment I’m working on.

I have repeatedly searched (since this feature was added) for a way to disable it because it disrupts my workflow. I’m even willing to disable all github keyboard shortcuts, if necessary, to get back the functionality I’m used to and still use everywhere else. Or, even disable javascript for, if that would do it.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this for this or any other command modifier shortcuts that conflict with browser/system shortcuts?