How to Deploy to GH Pages when index.html is not in Master Branch

I was wondering how to deploy to GH Pages when index.html is not in Master Branch. My index.html is under the WebVisualizations folder.

I deployed my link below, but getting a 404 error.

When I go to Settings > GitHub Pages, it says that it is deployed at the Master branch. Does anyone know how to fix?

Hello there. 👋

Sadly you cannot change the folder where the site is loaded from to anything other than /docs or the root of the repository, which is the default.

Currently, your GitHub page is located at the Web_Design-Challenge/WebVisualizations URL - GitHub pages being case sensitive, to get it to be at the /Web_Design-Challenge URL I would suggest moving the files from the WebVisualizations folder into the root of your repository. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope that helped.