How to delink a branch from Master

Hi guys i have a question. I have a repo which has 3 different branches, i have a branch that is entirely completer and i want to deploy it and add it to my portfolio but i can’t i think because the main isn’t the same as mine when it comes to code.
TL:DR: How can i disengage from the main and be an independent repo and function as that.

I’m afraid it’s not clear what you’re trying to do. Detach a fork from the original repository? Move a branch within a repository to a completely separate repository? Something else?

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Yes move a branch within a repo so it becomes an independent repo.

In that case: Create a new (empty) repository, add it as a remote of your local repository, and push the branch. You might want to adjust the branch name while pushing.

See also Git - Working with Remotes, and Git - git-push Documentation for examples on how to push branches under specific remote names.