How to delete release completely?


I created a new release, publish it, then I found several bugs and fixed them. But I see they are not in the latest release. So, I deleted a release, fixed a couple more bugs then created a new release with the same version. And then I found that all these fixes are not in release again! Obviously it’s because github “remembered” my previous tag. 

What should I do now? I don’t want to change a tag (release name) because it’s important to me. But I don’t know how to make github “forget” this tag, or include updates in this current release.


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You can delete a release by going to the release (as if you were viewing it), then clicking the Delete Release button.



thanks for your response.

I did exactly what you described. But when I create a new release with the same name it “catches” the commits for that deleted resource, but not current ones. This is the problem.

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Hi @caravelkit,

Thank you for being here! It is possible to delete using git from the command line. This can be done by running the following command inside the repository locally:

git push --delete origin tagname

Running the command above should delete the tag, allowing you to create it again against the correct branch.

I hope this helps!





I will try this approach.

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Another way is to delete the tag locally, then

git push origin :refs/tags/tagName
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