How to delete Actions artifacts / old runs

I’ve just become aware of the storage limits for Actions artifacts.

How can you delete artifacts from old Github Actions runs? I’d like to decrease the total amount of storage that I’m using in order to manage costs. I have no use for artifacts older than the current build.

So far, the only option seems to be to wait 90 days without commiting so that the artifacts expire.



Many thanks for your feedback!  

Deleting old artifacts is in our roadmap, it has been tracked internally:) . Will update once it’s achieved.

Below is the related link:


Hi, The issue you linked to tracks something different- artifact size limits.

Is there perhaps a different (public) issue tracking deleting artifacts? If not, I can create one.

Also, it looks like the link you posted doesn’t point directly to Github URL that it claims to. You might have some kind of malware on your system changing the links you post to point to Outlook instead.

Thanks @leecbaker for your feedback!

The issue (delete old artifacts) has been discussed in the link, please kindly check the comment from francis.(closed but it refers to a new internal tracking ticket which is on working!)

Here is the internal ticket:

You can create a new public ticket if you’d like to. :slight_smile:

PS: i have removed the outlook link, it comes from the copy operation in my outlook. Thanks!


Our team has created an Action to periodically clean up old artifacts:

It also supports keeping tagged (release) artifacts.


You can now change artifact and log retention duration. You can learn more about this feature here. Feedback is welcome!