How to customize the Google search entry of a GitHub repository?

If I run a Google search for “ssd keras”, the top two results are both GitHub repos for the topic, the second of which is my own repo. However, my listing looks a lot less structured and informative than the top result. Do I have any influence over how my repo is displayed in the Google search results?

I’ve pasted below what the two entries look like. The title of the top result is already much clearer, it is simply the GitHub description line of the repository, followed by " - GitHub". The title of the second result on the other hand contains useless information: My GitHub name and the name of the repository. The body of the first result is also much more informative: It contains the first lines of the repo’s README. The body of my listing on the other hand just lists a bunch of tags and the latest commit - super useless.

This is what the top search result looks like:

Port of Single Shot MultiBox Detector to Keras - GitHub license. A port of SSD: Single Shot MultiBox Detector to Keras framework. For more details, please refer to arXiv paper. For forward pass for 300x300 model, please, follow SSD.ipynb for examples. For training procedure for 300x300 model, please, follow SSD_training.ipynb for examples. Moreover, in  …

ssd_keras/SSD.ipynb at … · ‎ · ‎Issues · rykov8/ssd_keras · ‎

This is what the second search result (my own repo) looks like:

GitHub - pierluigiferrari/ssd_keras: A Keras implementation of SSD keras ssd-model object-detection computer-vision deep-learning fcn fully-convolutional-networks keras-models single-shot-multibox-detector. … Latest commit 1c4006d 18 days ago pierluigiferrari feat: Switch to He normal initializer in all conv layers …. … SSD: Single-Shot MultiBox …
Ssd_keras … · ‎ · ‎

We don’t work for Google, so we can’t give you anything definitive. It appears that the information displayed is being taken directly from the projects’ respective READMEs though. So I would compare how your README is formatted versus someone else’s to see if you might glean ideas on how to make yours look more like how you would like.