How to create Personal Access Token on an Enterprise account

I have been made a member of an Enterprise account and I need to create a Personal Access token for use AWS CodePipeline.

Please could someone explain how to do this?

I need this information urgently so a prompt response would be much appreciated.


:wave: Welcome!

You should find the instructions to create a personal access token on Enterprise - please let me know if you run into any trouble with that.

If I create a Personal Access token from my account, is it valid for use with an Enterprise account which I am a member of?

If you are a member of an Enterprise organisation hosted on, then you can create your personal access tokens using your account.

If your organisation is hosted on your own servers using GitHub Enterprise, then you will need to create the token using your account on the same server.

All good this works fine.

I’m starting a new job next month so what happens when I delete the token from my personal account?

Let’s see

My former employer’s application stops working

Or have I got this wrong?

While we are it do you realise it has taken us hours today to sort this problem out?

Why does the GitHub website have to be so complicated?

Why do we need Start and Gits and all the other pointless addons that very few users want??

Just like MS Office pointlessly complicated.


Why not just stick to the techinical support of the original github product?

I know, Mr Donald said it was great idea

If you have a specific use case that you feel could be handled better, please let us know. If it’s sensitive, you can contact support directly or if you’d like the community’s help with something, please describe it here. It could be that a GitHub App or something else could make things work better for you.