How to create one project with repositories from different users?

Hi Github-Community

A friend of mine and myself are trying to create a new Git-project together. We’d like to create one project (on her Github-Account) and then add one repository for her code and one repository for my code, which is on a different Git-Account. When we try to add the new repository to the project, only her repositories are showing in the list. Is there a possibility to add a repository from a different user to her project?

If not, what would you recomment. In our project we create a recommender system (her part) and a webapplication (my part) which are connected through an API.

Thank you for your help, kind regards!

I’m not quite sure I understand what you’re trying to achieve here.

If you goal is to manage two project (one from your account, the other from hers) under a single Dashboard Project than you’ll need to create a Team.

If you’re instead trying to create a new repository containing inside it both your repository and hers, than you’ll just need to add them as Git submodules.