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Hey, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! Creating a repository for GitHub Pages is simple and will allow you to create static webpages on a URL. Let me provide you step-by-step directions per section on getting started!

1. Assuming you may use this to create a portfolio website, we are going to create a repository that will publish to On, click the + symbol at the top-right and click “New Repository”. Name this repository “”; this will ensure that this repository will be a GitHub Pages repository. Make sure you keep the repository as PUBLIC!

2. Once created, you can clone this repository to your system using GitHub Desktop or Git in the command-line. Once cloned, you can copy your website source files into the newly cloned repository folder.

3. Before pushing your website source files completely into your new repository, make sure the main HTML file for your page is named index.html, as this will define the main source file for your GitHub Pages website! Once you’ve confirmed that the name is correct, you may push your source to the repository. Your website should now be published at momentarily!

I hope this clears up any confusion on publishing a website using GitHub Pages! If you have any more questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to reply back!


I already found out this from other links. However, I got a persist problem where my website refuse to appear. I already set it as public. The following are my questions:

1 - Can my files be any name besides index.html? Can I change my filename to “index.htm”?
2 - Do I need to wait for 20 mins? I only uploaded a very simple webpage.
3 - why is this information not in the main help list? I’m just not happy that I have to google everything out.
4 - Why was this reply not sent to my e-mail??
5 - See my screenshot. I’m not happy.
Github website not appearing|690x446

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I will answer each of your questions by their corresponding number:
1. I believe index.htm would work the same as index.html, but I am not 100% certain on that; testing that theory wouldn’t hurt. Just know that the index.html in a specific directory defines the way that directory appears on your website (e.g. an index.html file in the /example/path directory would define how your website would appear on

2. While it usually takes less than 20 minutes for GitHub to update your static site, it also depends on the amount of bandwidth taken up on GitHub’s end and amount of source files updated per push.

3. GitHub provides a new documentation site to help with many things; this is the section of the documentation site that goes over GitHub Pages information and deployment.

4. Your personal preferences in your account settings on this site have not been setup to notify you via email and/or you’re not “Tracking” this thread. You should be able to change that option near the bottom of this thread to notify you via email.

5. From the screenshot, it is clear that your HTML is correctly working; both iframes are visible. I’ve also personally visited your site and the title tag in your head block is properly working. The issue seems to stem from that fact that the src of your iframes don’t seem to exist locally within your repository (e.g. “Coursera-website-TOC.htm” is not a file found locally in your source files, nor is “Coursera-website-Main-menu.htm”, hence the reason you’re receiving both 404 error pages). You must either add those files locally to your repository or add assets through tags that include those files.

I hope this helps! If you have any other concerns or questions, please reply back!

Hello gisgar3,
Thank you so much. I found that my website now appears properly. But please put this information in the main area of help website. Maybe the word “Special requirements” would help.

However, this is not the end of the objective. Whilst it now appears in the desktop, I also want it to appear on the mobile device. Are there any quick links? I will check the internet but I hope a fast reply can be given.

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Hello gisgar3,
My issue has been solved. It can appear on mobile now.

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