How to create directories under assets on release page

I have a family of 6 desktop applications here.
The apps have installers for 3 platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows).
This assets page is confusing with 18 installers, and makes it difficult for users to find the application they want.

Ideally, the installers would be organized by platform.
One way would be to have 3 directories (Linux, Mac, Windows) with the appropriate installers available under each directory.

I am using “marvinpinto/action-automatic-releases@latest”.

Apologies in advance if I missed a simple solution.

Do I get you right that you want some form of grouping ability for the assets list?


I’m not aware of such a feature, and I don’t think that it’s related to GitHub Actions, but rather a general API feature request plus a corresponding UI on You may submit your idea via the feedback form.