How to create automatic links via [Github Markdown] within CHANGELOG?

I’ve noticed a few different changelogs around on GitHub that follow the keepachangelog format, and have auto-created links for each version that link to the diff between the previous version and that version. See:

Looking at the raw text, it includes

## [1.0.0] - 2017-06-20

but the GitHub Markdown-ified version shows “1.0.0” as a link to a diff between the previous version (0.3.0) and 1.0.0. When I created a CHANGELOG with the same format (see, it has no such cool formatting. How does one get cool CHANGELOG diff formatting?

The [foo] syntax is a shorter (and rarely used) way of writing [foo][foo]. So if you look at the bottom of the file you reference, you’ll see:


These are link reference definitions. And you’ll see that [1.0.0] links to…v1.0.0 which is specifically the way to tell GitHub to visualize the diff between the tags v0.3.0 and v1.0.0.

I hope that helps!


Thanks Lee, that did it!