how to create a PR from private forked repo to upstream public repo ?

abc.1 (upstream repo)
abc.2 (imported abc.1 as abc.2 private repo)(by default it is creating public repo but not private repo)
made changes in abc.2
create PR to upstream public repo

ps: i want to create using web interface ( not cli.

Hi @leela52452 

You say “imported abc.1 as abc.2”, does that mean you didn’t hit the “Fork” button to create this repo? If so, it’s not actually a fork and you cannot file PR’s from abc.2 into abc.1 I’m afraid.

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Ya I don’t see how this will be possible with the web interface. While its true you can’t directly submit a PR, with a bit of extra effort I think it should actually be possible. Since the guts of a PR is really little more than a patch file (which is basically a git diff) you could then fork the upstream repo, apply your patch to the fork, and then submit your PR upstream. The integration effort depends on how much deviation there is from the private fork (were changes integrated back in for example) Depending on the project the maintainers may be willing to take a patch file directly via an email or on an issue and apply it for you.

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