How to create a PAT with write:packages and without repo permissions?

I am using a public repository on GitHub Free to experiment with GitHub Packages.

I would like to use GitHub Container Registry, as explained here but I am unable to create a Personal Access Token with write:packages but without repo permissions. As soon as I select write:packages, then repo permissions are selected and greyed out.

Is this expected?

If it matters I have enabled “Improved container support” through the “Feature Preview” menu.


That’s peculiar! I have an existing token with only read:packages and write:packages permissions, but if I try to create a new one I see the same behavior that you’re describing.


:wave: Thank you for reporting this. It looks like we have a bug on our end. You should be able to create a PAT without the read scope for use with Container Registry.

In the meantime while we work on the fix, you can remove the repo scope once the PAT has been created in the edit screen. If you go to your settings > Developer Settings > Select the PAT and edit, you should be good to go.


Thank you very much. The workaround works perfectly.

I cannot un-check the repo permissions when creating or editing a PAT with only write:packages selected, so the workaround doesn’t seem to work anymore.


I was able to edit a PAT a few weeks ago to deselect the repo scope, but this is no longer working.