How to create a new folder inside a repository

So this is the folder tree:


Now I want to create another folder inside epikiklos which will be called v1.0, and then inside that folder I will upload files for either winx86 or winx64 and maybe if someday someone asks me to compile a version for other OS then I would put both windows versions inside another folder and create another folder for the other OS.

I just don’t know how to create the new path/folder/however it is called in GitHub. (Also note that this is the first time I use GitHub, and the first programme I publish).

Thank you in advance!

Edit: I “created” a new folder by creating a new file and editing it’s path, but now I don’t know how to upload my files to that folder

Edit2: They are zip files, not editable files with code. OMG

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Thank you, sir!