How to create a kind of ''unlisted'' type of repository?

Is there a way to create a public type of repository that is only accesible to the person having the link to it?, but it wont appear on search results at the site, just like in youtube for example for unlisted videos.

Thank you in advance.


No, at the time you can’t create unlisted repositories (altough this probably will be logged as a feature request).

Please note you can, however, make a private repository and then invite people who have read-only or read-write access if you have a paid account.


Hi @noxuz,

Thanks for this feedback! We’re always working to improve GitHub and the GitHub Community Forum, and we consider every suggestion we receive. I’ve logged your feature request in our internal feature request list.

Though I can’t guarantee anything or share a timeline for this, I can tell you that it’s been shared with the appropriate teams for consideration.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.




Unlisted repositories will be very good to have. For example, I want to share a URL to my assignment with my teacher. I don’t want to make my repository public, because other students can just Google it and plagiarize. I don’t want to make my repository private either, because I don’t know exactly who will be marking my assignment, so I don’t know whom to invite. Even if I know the person who was marking my assignment, they might not have a github account. So having an “unlisted” type of repository (similar to unlisted Youtube videos) will be very helpful. It will be nice for those repositories to have a long unguessable URLs, like

Thanks. :slight_smile:



Our company has a lot of private repos and some public ones.

We maintain a repo named “userscript” full of useful userscripts our teams can use. 

Some of these scripts are useful to people outside of R&D, and having them create a GitHub account to access them is a deal-breaker.

We made this repo public so everyone in the company can use it, but now it appears on our company’s GitHub page.

We put a warning in the readme, but having an option to completly hide it from that list would be very useful.


  • Eldad

Currently going through this exact situation and surprised it’s still not a feature.

I’m having to keep it private till the day of the deadline, at which point I’ll make the repo public, but it’s something I really shouldn’t have to do. 

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For smaller things like school projects using secret gists (see may be an option. They are git repositories, and according to the documentation hidden from search engines.

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+1, this feature should be added

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+1, this is great for sharing simple things with collaborators without GitHub.

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+1 for sure, this feature would be very useful!

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+1, interviews are asking for a direct link to code only, and I cannot share school project code publicly!

+1. This seems like the perfect feature for use cases where you want to share code of a “not ready for prime time” nature (job interviews, school projects, etc).

+1, was looking for this as well. Would be nice to have this to prevent polluting one’s repos, but link to it from an issue as repro steps in another repo.

+1, this would be very useful for interviews / job applications to not leak proprietary source code.

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+1 This is very important!

+1 this is very useful

I would love this feature

I too would also like this feature - would be great for classes where you need to share your work but you don’t necessarily want everyone who clicks on your profile to see your work

+1, this would be super useful

+1 my assignments are nowhere near the level of my actual projects, and I don’t want people to see them.