How to create a Github App that receives user input

is there a way to create a GitHub App that receives user input? Like a Wizard. Or how would you implement this?

Some more informations:

If someone creates a repo, I like to trigger some other logic (create a specific service for this repo). But for this extra logic I need some more information from the user, e.g. some additional settings.

Many thanks

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You can set a Post installation Setup URL in GitHub App settings which is designed for your exact use-case. Once a user clicks install and grants permissions, they will be redirected to a url you specify to setup. You can create a wizard on that page. Hope it helps!

Nice, thank you. Actually I need this interaction each time a user creates a new repo.

Maybe I can use this option Redirect on update

If I understand this correct, each time a user creates a new repository, this URL will be called?

Redirect on update is not working.