How to create a BOT with GITHUB ACTIONS like the "github-learning-lab bot"

I would like to understand the pattern of the GitHub Action showed in this Pull-Request:

example of github-learning-lab bot

I don’t have a good understanding of the instructions in the general GitHub Documentations of GitHub Actions, so I would prefer if there would be some kind of easy, clickable or at least WYSIWYG UI for this process. Thank you!


Currently, we seem have no the easy, clickable or WYSIWYG UI way to create a BOT with GitHub Actions.

I have create an internal ticket to help you report this question to the appropriate engineering team for further discussion and evaluation. If they have any progress, I will notify you in time, and sometimes the appropriate engineers may directly reply you here.


Actually, the “GitHub Learning Lab” is a GitHub App.
If you want to setup a bot like as the github-learning-lab, you may need to create a custom GitHub App on your account.
To view more information about building GitHub Apps, you can reference to the official documents below:

If you have any questions related GitHub Apps, you can post tickets on the GitHub API Development and Support category. There will be some special technical supporters or the appropriate engineering team to view these posted tickets, and help you.