How to convert .rio file or Screen record RIO PLAYER 2?

Good evening Friends,

I would like to know is there any tool or software there to convert .rio file to MP4 ? or screen capture videos playing on rio video player 2?

If not is is it possible to record at least the audio when its playing,so that i can use a video cam to record the video when its playing.

Or is there any way we can extended the video viewing days?

kindly my post to appropriate section if its wrong to ask this question here…

Thank you.

Install virtualbox with any windows,
Then record it via virtualbox.

Bro, thank you so much for that, never done that ,i will google and find how to do that and give a try.
All i am trying to do is to keep the course for myself for long time,because these courses expires with a date!

Guess what, even if we screen record they made it a way your serial key will be floating in the course .Never mind as it for me only, just saying how tough they created this stuff.

This is the software that does all things to the course!

Even high end softwares are cracked these days, looks like this software is here for some time but not much people found a work around on it.

I already installed on my computer (they said it can be only installed one time in one computer) so do you think i can reinstall again in the virtual machine?

This is huge vulnerability in rio player,
That it can be recorded using any virtual machine including (Vmware Player, Virtualbox) etc,

And also I think it don’t prevent HDMI cables,
So if you can’t purchase key again for other pc,
Then insert HDMI cable and record it from other monitor.

One another method will be if you are using android,
Play video in android emulator (bluestacks, nox, LDPlayer),
Emulator have feature to record videos.

This software is written in dotnet containing tons of 3rd party libraries,
Only coder can cra-ck it.

Thank you so much Gray, the pack i got is PC pack so it can be used only in one pc. All i a trying to do is to keep the course for me without any expiration date,so my lost option will be record using a phone with tripod!

Regarding the virtual box you have mentioned, i already installed the rio player and activated the course on my pc, so is it ok to use virtual box and make windows machine? after that do i have to install any other screen recording software or virtual box itself can capture the screen?

As you can see they mentioned it can’t be casted to other devices ,as you mentioned i will try if i can use HDMI cabe to connect to TV if it works and let you know.

Hello Gray,

After reading here and there finally managed to install virtual box, thing is installed the rio player in virtual box running windows 10 but when you try to open the player its just rotating but not opening at all!

Any idea?

May be because your pc is slow
Latest dotnet framework not installed,
Fresh windows don’t have latest dotnet framework,
Rio needs dotnet framework.

Download from offical dotnet
Choose Offline installer and Runtime

Does your pc slow ? How much RAM do your pc have ?

hey guys can u please tell me if i get the error like “your system date is less then the content date” and i cant play the video can any way out to erase my view history from rio player

thank you

can you please try with new version
for both 32 bit and 64 bit virtual machine code
We soon gonna start bug-bounty program, where such contributions are highly required.
thank you guys

Hi everyone,

I am also facing same issue with Rio player. I tried in android too to record the video in Rio player but its getting black background, I tried casting also but still issue continues.

Please suggest me best solution to record video in Rio player in android or to decrypt the Rio formatted files

Thanks in advance!!

For me its 1 mint game to crac-k rio.
Even I can challenge I can record it with changing 1 line of code Or changing windows version.
But I don’t want to give loss to teachers. But you should prepare for worst. You should respect your customers more than me. Company will be responsible when cracks became available.
Better to do some efforts for that.