How to control author email in PRs ?

Hello there,

I have just submitted my first PR for the Netty project (Don't use ByteBufConvertible when not necessary by pderop · Pull Request #12303 · netty/netty · GitHub), which has been merged into the Netty main branch.

When committing my PR, I used my pro email (, which was configured in my .gitconfig, here is my git history:

Author: Pierre De Rop <>  2022-04-12 23:21:24
Committer: Pierre De Rop <>  2022-04-12 23:21:24
Parent: 8f268ac61a02374cd9a0a652437773e967e63783 (Don't use ByteBufConvertible when not necessary)
Branches: 5x-optimize-channeloutboundbuffer-total, remotes/origin/5x-optimize-channeloutboundbuffer-total
Follows: netty-5.0.0.Alpha1

But after the netty team merged my PR into netty/main branch, the author email is not the expected one (, but it’s the one that corresponds to the primary personal email configured in my github repo (

Author: Pierre De Rop <>  2022-04-13 04:12:30
Committer: GitHub <>  2022-04-13 04:12:30
Parent: f9bb9e99f49ccce9a0e0df786c460d05b61140f3 (Use `DefaultBufferAllocators` (#12304))
Branches: main, remotes/origin/main
Follows: netty-5.0.0.Alpha1

So, how to force the PR author email to be the one I’m using at commit time (the one configured in my ~/.gitconfig, which is not my primary email configured in my github account) ?