How to contact GitHub support

I would like to contact GitHub support. It used to be as simple as sending them an email. Now that email is returned with an automatic response telling me to visit the support web site.

When I do that, there are nine options I can select from:

  • Account or billing issues
  • Copyright, trademark, or sensitive data removal
  • Report abuse or spam
  • Remove data from a repository I own or control
  • Attach, detach, or reroute forks
  • Request security history or audit logs
  • Help with a Pages domain or HTTPS certificate
  • Restore deleted data
  • GitHub Education program or benefits

None of these describe what I want to talk to support about.

The only other option is a green button sending me to this community. I don’t want to talk to a community of other GitHub users. I just want to inform GitHub about a problem with their service. Why has this been made so hard to do?

Hi @ryandesign! :wave:

Sorry you’re finding the new support flow frustrating! Unfortunately, as our number of users has exploded, we’ve needed to come up with some ways of scaling our support services to keep up.

What’s the problem you’ve encountered?

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