How to connect to Wireguard VPN in GitHub action

I am trying for so long to connect Github machine runs-on: ubuntu-latest to my wireguard VPN on AWS.

Our UI is behind the wireguard VPN and I need to access it for a test job in GitHub action. I have the .conf file which is required to connect to VPN.

Already tired this action:

      - name: Set up WireGuard
        uses: egor-tensin/setup-wireguard@v1
          endpoint_public_key: 9WrjQWqKx0w72RzIsdffjQwjPOpsffRjHMDD4=
          allowed_ips:, ::/0
          private_key: MMB38wvXwLh0UIU5qjrE6vXwOBQnUSciBgq2xBkG=
          preshared_key: kZJdGX8iZNSTY4eUp2cm21wihUGoOyuJhf56xsBzHf=

but still the UI domain is not accessible. Is there any other way to connect to wireguard VPN?