How to connect GitHub Desktop up to a local repo that is already a clone of a GitHub repo

We are using GitHub enterprise, and I have a local repository that I have already set up with git CLI commands to be a clone of a repository on our internal GitHub enterprise. It is all working fine with the git CLI commands. There is a lot of configuration around (and inside of) the local repo that is necessary for execution and testing.

I would like try out GitHub Desktop using this repository, but I can’t find any way to tell it that I have a local repository that is already a clone of a remote repo. There are several choices for how to tell it about a repo, but none of them cover the particular use case I’ve described (that I can tell, at least).

Is there some way to get GitHub desktop to understand that my local repo is already a clone of a remote repo, and just have it understand that existing relationship?

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Hi @kkinnear,

I’d recommend checking out the Desktop repo. You can search through the issues to see if anyone has had the same question already, and if not, then you can open a new issue to put the question on our Desktop team’s radar.

Best of luck!