How to configure Visual Studio 2019, Linux/Debian, and MySql coexist on Win 10 Test PC

I need to configure a Win 10 PC as a test machine. This project uses CSharp for the Win 10 executables and then calls PHP routines on a Debian server that also calls MySql. I am lost as to what Linux package to install on the Win 10 PC and how the CSharp code would interface with the Linux portion. Can anybody point me in a direction to integrate all of this together?

Correct me if I’m wrong but this sounds like a client-server app. The Win10 client talks across the network to the Linux server.  Typically this means your Win10 PC is one part of the setup, and there is a second computer running the Linux server.

You can’t run WIn10 and Linux as the primary boot operating system on the same pc. However, if you set up a virtual environment for one side or the other, it should be possible.

You said a “Win 10 PC” so you need to set up a virtual machine to run Linux on the PC. Choices include VirtualBox, VMware, and the new WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux). In each case, the virtual machine is running the Linux server, and has a network address which your Win10 client program is talking to.