How to configure CNAME for multiple github pages subdomains?

I would like to add a status subdomain to a repository on one of my organisations, but unfortunately do I already have a docs subdomain set up that points to the same subdomain.

So because of this was I wondering if I can set multiple subdomains to point to the subdomain using CNAME.
Can I simply use a wildcard (*) and if so, what could be potential drawbacks/issues with it?

Hi there I am confused about what you are talking about

I have a custom docs subdomain set up using CNAME and now would like to also add a status subdomain to another repository on the same organisation, but I can’t because CNAME can only have the same target once.
So, is there a way I could allow multiple custom subdomains using CNAME (I.e. using a wildcard) and what would be the required steps for it (Including any security stuff needed to avoid abuse)?

Also, to be clear: I’m currently not able to add A-Records for GitHub Pages which from what I know could allow multiple subdomains, due to the domain being used on other places too.

This is embarassing, but I have to mention it anyways…

I managed to solve the issue. Apparently did I still have an old CNAME entry for status that I didn’t delete, so the DNS manager (Cloudflare) yelled at me that it already was in use.
Deleting the entry and adding the new one fixed the issue…