How to collaborate on part of a repository

I am trying to understand some basics of GitHub related to collaboration and web pages. I have 5 repositories, 3 of which are intended to be web pages, and I plan to add a 6th. 3 of the repositories are closely related, and the other 3 are autonomous. That is, A subdivides into X, Y and Z, and then B and C are separate. As far as web pages are concerned, it would be ideal to have a uniform naming scheme:,,,, I can implement this by making repositories A, B and C, and within A creating subdirectories Z, Y, Z.
The collaboration desideratum is that I’d like to invite colleagues to collaborate selectively: Smith collaborates on A/X, Jones collaborates on A/Z, Doe collaborates on C. But from what I can tell, collaboration is possible for repositories but not specific sub-directories of a repository (I haven’t figured out how to do it, at any rate). Is this correct? The goal is to organize everything hierarchically by a well-established criterion, and make web access automatic and obvious via the above naming scheme. I want to avoid the “anybody can edit anything” approach.

Hi @LanguageDescriptions,

You are correct in that when you invite a collaborator to your repository, they have access to the entire repository. We do not have a feature that can hide specific parts or subsets of a repository from other collaborators.

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