How to collaborate 2 people on 1 repo and have the project on both GitHub accounts?


me and my friend are half in the development of a project. So far we did in our bootcamp’s private repo, which will still be private.

We now want to have this repo on both our GitHub accounts, and we also want to keep working on it and complete it, at the same time having the project visible on both profiles, with the list of commits each person didn.

What is the best way to achive it?

Should one of us upload it as a new repo, the other person will fork it, but we will continue to work on the repo on the profile of the user that uploaded it as a new repo?

This doesn’t seem to be a good solution, because the other user will have just a fork in his account which is not updated automatically and it’s not so good for a portfolio.

Please suggest how to do that, thanks.

What you’re describing is not possible. Maybe you could create an organization for this repository with both of you as members?

What about adding the other person as a collaborator. Won’t this person have this repo automatically added to this person’s repo list?