How to clear out password on windows command line to use PAT?

Many of us will have had the notification from GitHub that passwords are being deprecated in favour of personal access tokens. However, to use a PAT on the command line, one must first clear one’s existing password so that git prompts for it. Whilst there is help on how to do this on MacOS on the GitHub pages, there is no help I can find about how to do this in Windows.

Could anyone give a clear explanation about how to do this?

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I have requested specific documentation so I’ll add your ask to the list as well :slight_smile:

First you need to know where you’ve stored your credentials.


 git config --list

One of the entries should be credential.helper= if that is manager then you are using the Windows Credential Manager.

You can directly edit the Credential Manager entry for GitHub by finding Credential Manager in your Control Panel.

If Credential Manager wasn’t the answer let us know what the output of credential.helper was.

Thanks. I have now updated my details in Windows Credential Manager.

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