How to checkout recursively?

Creating Codespaces automatically checkouts repository, but not for
Are there any options to do this?

There is an extension setting in VS Code that will clone submodules.

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Thank you for answering!
I didn’t even noticed there’s a Codespace configuration in VSCode Settings.

By the way, I turned on Codespaces: Enable Submodule Cloning option and tried
creating new Codespace but while the option was synced to the new Codespace properly
, submodules weren’t cloned as well.

I have a problem with this repository: note-sarisia-cc/source

[submodule "themes/zozo"]
	path = themes/zozo
	url =

Hi @sarisia, @acangialosi,

That setting in VS Code is only supported in Visual Studio Codespaces and is not currently implemented for GitHub Codespaces.

There is not currently a way to request submodule checkout in GitHub Codespaces, although it’s on our backlog! For now, you could try working around it by specifying a postCreateCommand in devcontainer.json to clone the submodules. Note that this will also only work today if those submodule repos are public, as the GitHub token that the Codespace gets is restricted just to the main Codespace repo.

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Thank you for providing details!

As a workaround, I added:

"postCreateCommand": "git submodule update --init",

to devcontainer.json and it worked well.