How to check if GHA down vs we have a bug?

We started experimenting with github actions today, and after 2 false starts (1s failed tasks), are not seeing any tasks launch. We saw there was a minor outage earlier today during this period, yet this behavior is still persisting. Any clues on determining if GHA is down, GHA is buggy, or (likely), we’re buggy?

In Azure Pipelines, we’re able to manually trigger a flow via the UI, but have not found an equivalent with GHA…

We are in the process of adding a way to manually trigger. In the meantime I typically trigger manually via a label add/remove event:

You can also use repository dispatch to be fancier:

We also publish status: and you can check the result of your run (in some cases).


Oh, interesting!

I can see how to do:

     types: [created]

Is there a way to do something value-sensitive like:

    types: [created="rerun_ci"]


FWIW, I think this may have been what happened for GHAs to not be triggering:

  • Working on branch+PR for GHAs, GHAs triggering ok
  • Master changed
  • PR now has a blocking merge conflict, work on GHAs no longer trigger

Yeah, you are right.
As the GITHUB_REF of pull_request event is the PR merge branch refs/pull/:prNumber/merge . When there are conflicts in pull request, workflows on : pull_request will not be triggered.

    types: [created="rerun_ci"]

This is not supported currently.
You could add if conditional of the job to check the label name. Although this method could not prevent the workflow to be triggered, but the job will be skipped and the steps in the job will not run.

if: == 'rerun_ci' 

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