How to Check Front Matter for "You used dashes on the first and final line"

Please Help!

How do you do the "you used dashes on the first and final line"? I used dashes, but the bot says I did not. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

:wave: Hi CocoZhumena!

For additional context: is this in reference to a particular repository or course? If so, please share a link and I can help troubleshoot.


I’m also experiencing the same problem,even after I make all the possible changes the bot still displays the message below.

It looks like there may be some errors in your front matter. Take a look at your front matter and make sure the following is true:

  • You used dashes on the first and final line
  • You added a page title surrounded in quotes
    You added a date using the correct format

I am on the Github learning path github-pages-with-jekyl

I finally find where the porblem is. You need to make sure that dashes like “—” is the beginning of your file,and there is a “—” in the end toojust like this